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The Parent Coffee Talk

May 27, 2021

When it comes to education, special needs students don’t always get the accommodations and consideration they need to be set up for success. Today's guest, Jennifer Weitz, is an advocate for special ed education and an attorney. As a representative for children with special needs, she shares ways the education system could further support children during this time and what you can do at home to enhance your children's learning. Join Dr. Roseann and Dr. Cleopatra in this information and inspiring episode.

Show Highlights:

  • How does the conversation of homeschooling change when a child has special needs
  • The current school guidelines for educating special needs children
  • Why schools need to make resources more available
  • How to utilize time at home to teach life skills
  • What makes the lack of consistency for special needs students
  • Using data collection to dictate whether or not students need compensatory services
  • Jennifer discusses a recently proposed bill that threatens the education of special needs children
  • How are parents and students are dealing with regression
  • What makes students entitled to home-bound instruction
  • Individualized education plans
  • Creating experiences as a form of teaching
  • Curriculum apps for parents
  • What can parents do at home right now
  • Working with dyslexic students


Contact Jennifer: 917-841-7915