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The Parent Coffee Talk

May 13, 2021

Today’s guest, Sandi Scheinbaum, is a functional medicine coach and positive psychologist. She founded the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in 2014 and has been a clinical psychologist for over 35 years. In this conversation, Sandi shares what it means to practice positive psychology, focus on strengths, and ways virtual connectedness brings us together. She also discusses what functional medicine is, and how it can serve us. This episode is full of positive and practical tips you can start practicing today. Join Dr. Roseann and Dr. Cleopatra in this insightful episode about mind, body, and medicine.

Show Highlights:

  • How virtual connectedness keeps us from social isolation
  • Shifting your mindset to make a situation work for you
  • How do strengths develop and what can we do to help parents develop
  • The importance of recognizing what's right with kids instead of what's wrong with them
  • What different character strengths are and how they serve us
  • Ways kids learn by playing
  • What is functional medicine
  • Why we shouldn’t let societal labels define us
  • The difference between someone who walks in their strength vs. someone who doesn’t