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The Parent Coffee Talk

Apr 8, 2021

Coronavirus has placed us in uncharted territory. Many of us may be feeling anxious, overwhelmed, scared, and confused. While these feelings are natural, we don’t have to continue feeling that way. Today's guest, Dr. Elisa Song, is a leading holistic pediatrician who breaks down what is Coronavirus and how we can prepare our bodies and children to prevent it. Dr. Elisa shares practical advice to help parents make immediate and intelligent action.

This episode is packed with strategies to handle fever, manage anxiety, and navigate fact from fiction during this period of information overload. Join Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra in this holistic and informative episode.

Show Highlights:

  • The focus for Parent Coffee Talk
  • Why we have to help ourselves first to help our children
  • What is the current circulating Coronavirus
  • Symptoms of Corona
  • Why children shouldn’t have contact with vulnerable people during Corona
  • How we can be resourceful and move our bodies during this time
  • What can we do to keep our bodies and brains healthy if we get Corona
  • What to do if you think your child has Corona
  • Why junk food is the worst decision you can make to fight getting sick
  • What is amino compromised
  • What to do for kids with chronic illness to improve their immune system
  • How to treat fever
  • Why we should try to not project fear on our kids
  • What is in our control as parents to manage our anxiety
  • Being proactive and having conversations to alleviate anxiety in children
  • What is the reptilian brain and how can we get out of it
  • Tangible things you can do at home to keep you centered and stress free
  • Things you should stock up on at home to prepare for quarantine