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The Parent Coffee Talk

Apr 1, 2021

Eating healthy while still getting enough nutrients and tasty bites can be tricky. Today's guest, Maru Davila is a health coach and nutritionist, as well as best-selling author of The Mexican Food Diet.

Maru teaches people how to eat a sustainable diet with no deprivation, no hunger, and no boring food. In this conversation, Maru shares her journey of struggling and how it inspired her to help people enhance their own food journey.

Join Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Roseanne in this delicious and filling episode to learn more about healthy eating that feels like cheating.

Show Highlights:

  • What started Maru's health journey
  • How eating poorly impacts more than your physical health
  • What led Maru back to school to find her career
  • Making food your secret weapon
  • What inspired Maru to write The Mexican Food Diet
  • How Maru found ways to restore her body without unhealthy addictions
  • Maru shares Mexican super foods
  • Food hacks to increase focus
  • Eating to regulate blood sugars and insulin levels
  • Maru shares about her new cooking show