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The Parent Coffee Talk

Mar 25, 2021

While many of our collective beliefs and biases have shifted over time, we still find ourselves combatting beliefs that are harmful, detrimental, and even deadly to many minorities.

In this week's episode, Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Roseanne discuss  tools to normalize diversity within children and how we can dismantle prejudice thoughts from a young age.

Also highlighted are how implicit biases are formed and ways we can be preventative and introspective. Join Dr. Cleopatra and Dr. Roseanne in this critically important conversation. 


Show Highlights: 

  • How we can do better as parents 
  • The way prejudice works in the brain 
  • Why we have to have difficult conversations 
  • How do we overcome instincts
  • The ways experiencing racism impacts fertility 
  • Ways we’ve adapted as a society and how we can erase explicit forms of bias 
  • The impact of loving other people 
  • Overcoming our prejudices and teach our kids to do better 
  • Critical developmental periods and how they impact our growth 
  • How teaching about bias reduces it
  • The importance of teaching about bias from a young age 
  • The struggle of being black in American society and why having conversations is important 
  • Ways to open up conversations and introduce kids to diversity 
  • Why we should be teaching kids to value empathy 
  • Symbolic representations of equality 
  • Why we have to speak up when other people say prejudice things 
  • The willingness to be uncomfortable and effort we have to implement to make a change 
  • How to help your kids be kinder and more accepting 
  • The risks we all have of being affected by injustice 
  • Subtle shifts we can made in the immediate environment and within our own selves 
  • Putting our money where our mouths are 


Dr. Roseann

Dr. Cleopatra