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The Parent Coffee Talk

Dec 9, 2020

Often times, the power of thoughts, emotions, and energy can be overlooked. When dealing with chronic pain, and mental or physical illness, the culprit is often more than skin deep. 

Today’s guest, Debora Wayne, is a speaker and energy healer who specializes in helping people heal through recognizing damaging thought...

Dec 9, 2020

Navigating parenthood is one of the most difficult, but fulfilling, things you can ever do. Parenthood on its own can be tricky, but throwing an expected pandemic, an election year, and vast political movements on top of it is a whole other challenge. Whether this years’ series of events have prompted you...

Dec 7, 2020

This year has presented us with a lot of uncertainty. When it comes to the Coronavirus we all have a lot of questions, anxiousness, and concerns. Today’s guest, Dr. Elisa Song is here to put our uneasiness to rest. 

As a holistic pediatrician, Dr. Elisa shares how to navigate all of the faulty information we’ve been...