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The Parent Coffee Talk

Apr 21, 2021

Today's guest, Cynthia Thurlow, is the CEO and founder of Everyday Wellness, a nurse practitioner and functional nutritionist. In this conversation with Dr. Roseann and Dr. Cleopatra, Cynthia shares how she finds ways to eat healthy and keep her kids healthy at home. She covers a range of topics from meal planning, taking vitamins, and how to find healthy alternatives to comfort food favorites. This interview is packed with tips on how to pack minerals and greens into your diet, while still having fun. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Cynthia shares how she plans for her and her families meals
  • How Cynthia integrates different varieties of foods in her house
  • The importance of incorporating foods with antibacterial properties in your meals
  • Different ways to ingest healthy foods 
  • Healthy and fun food options for kids 
  • Why we need to take supplements and what we should be taking 
  • Ways to get kids to take more vitamins 
  • Finding healthier comfort foods 
  • Cynthia shares her skincare and beauty regimen
  • Things you can do at home for self care
  • The benefits of a magnesium bath
  • Practices you should integrate into your daily life
  • What makes food the best medicine 
  • Taking control of teaching your kids to eat healthy


Resources Mentioned: