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The Parent Coffee Talk

Mar 11, 2021

Many of us are never taught how or what to eat in order to be the strongest, most resilient, and nourished versions of ourselves.

Today’s guest, Jessica Sherman is a nutritionist with a focus on kid's health. She helps parents create a vision for their children’s health and reframe their eating habits.

In this conversation, Jessica shares the importance of food for kids mentally and physically, and what you can do to cultivate a positive food culture within your family.

Join Dr. Roseanne and Dr. Cleopatra in this episode to learn more about the power of good nutrition.

Show Highlights:

  • What inspired Jessica to start her career
  • Why people won’t let go of eating junk food
  • What makes “Your kids won’t eat it” a limiting mentality
  • The importance of language around food
  • How to respect the interpersonal relationship with food for kids and still instill healthy habits
  • How to cultivate a culture around food within our families
  • Nourishing our mind, bodies, and souls with food
  • What are “resilience” foods
  • Top 3 tips to implement nourishing foods into diets
  • How to be healthy role models for our kids
  • Teaching kids how to be in tune with their bodies
  • How getting a handle on breakfast can improve your eating
  • Ways stress and pressure is impacting kids eating
  • Creating cognitive resilience through eating
  • What are good fats and how to integrate them


Dr. Roseann

Dr. Cleopatra