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The Parent Coffee Talk

Dec 9, 2020

Often times, the power of thoughts, emotions, and energy can be overlooked. When dealing with chronic pain, and mental or physical illness, the culprit is often more than skin deep. 

Today’s guest, Debora Wayne, is a speaker and energy healer who specializes in helping people heal through recognizing damaging thought patterns. 

In this conversation, Debora shares many tips to regulate the mind, emotions, and energy to have a clear and calm conscience. She also discusses the impact of anxiety, the healing power of animals, and shares her gift of healing live on the podcast. 


Show Highlights: 

  • How depression and anxiety are paralleled to fertility issues 
  • Ways to find calm throughout chaos 
  • The importance of being present 
  • Techniques Debora uses to help people heal 
  • Debora shares success stories of people she’s worked with 
  • Why animals and children heal faster 
  • What makes animals hypersensitive and how they mirror vibrations 
  • How anxiety threatens your nervous system and can cause secondary illness 
  • Breathing techniques that can override stress
  • Relaxation techniques to center yourself 



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